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About us

The purpose of the Foundation is to carry out charitable activities in the interests of society, promote charitable programs in the fields of health, cultural education, education, ecology, environmental protection and animal protection, prevention of natural and man-made disasters and their consequences, assistance to victims. disasters, armed conflicts and accidents, as well as refugees and people in difficult circumstances, guardianship and care, legal representation and legal assistance,) social protection, social security, social services and poverty reduction, culture and the arts, cultural protection heritage, science and research, sports and physical culture,) human and civil rights and fundamental freedoms, development of territorial communities, development of international cooperation of Ukraine, stimulation of economic growth and development of economy of Ukraine and its separate regions and increase of competitiveness of Ukraine, sp implementation of state, regional, local and international programs aimed at improving the socio-economic situation in Ukraine, promoting defense capabilities and mobilization readiness of the country, protecting the population in emergencies of peace and martial law and organizing mass events.

We want to integrate new music arenas in Ukraine. This should have a good impact on the development of tourism and cultural education in our country. Together we must promote and create all the necessary conditions for the development of our country and the entry of domestic products into the international market.

We are for a healthy future for humanity and the planet!

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