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(First aid for doctors)


Based on the signed memorandum in 2018 with the Center for Psychological Counseling and Trauma Therapy "Open Doors", which have licensed programs LICENSED EDUCATIONAL PROGRAM "PSYCHOLOGICAL COUNSELING"

Order of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine № 509-l dated 15.05.2019


We start first psychological help for doctors.


Remote rehabilitation is a series of rehabilitation measures that are carried out remotely with the help of special equipment, in particular, a computer, webcam, compact simulators and other physiotherapy equipment. This area of ​​telemedicine involves the use of modern telecommunications technologies to provide services regardless of geographical, social, cultural and time barriers.

The new technique is a synthesis of entertainment and learning. Telerehabilitation is aimed at preserving or restoring lost skills.

Our doctors, nurses, honey brothers, nurses working in the conditions of covid, they are physically and morally exhausted. Due to this, untimely manipulations and administration of drugs are performed.

Our goal is to provide competent psychological assistance to physicians at a time and place convenient for them.

The medical profession is humane and noble, but it requires from a person incredible human and professional resources. Very often, a person who helps others does not capture the moment when he or she needs support. This is followed by anxiety, dissatisfaction with life, burnout.

We are faced with the fact that it is not the lack of desire or time that prevents a person from seeking help, or even the fact that it is "not accepted" to seek psychological help. Sometimes Ukrainian doctors simply do not have the technical resources.

That is why we decided to bring the possibility of psychological care directly to the health worker. Creating the conditions to take the first step forward was simple and convenient.

At this difficult time for everyone, it is the medical staff who need our support and help.

The remote rehabilitation model allows the instructor to maintain contact with the patient and coordinate the recovery process. The use of modern means of two-way communication radically changes the traditional approach to rehabilitation,


implying a long stay in the clinic. To date, long-term rehabilitation can be carried out at home without losing professional help: reliable and constant communication between the patient and the instructor is carried out through a system of telerehabilitation.

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