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Music without borders for peace

Music World Map (ICM) is an international project in which all (optional) countries of the world take part.
The main goal of the project is to establish mutual understanding between the peoples of the world through the exchange of ethnic music corps and further regular joint events (festivals, competitions, etc.) on their basis.

Project sections:

P1 - creation of a digital library of ethnic music in each participating country. Includes collection and systematization of primary sources, as well as studio recording of works (based on existing or newly created recording studios using folk instruments, including ancient ones).


P2 - initialization and stimulation of creation by modern composers of works based on folk songs of the world:

a) in the form of academic music of different genres and styles;

b) in the form of modern music (jazz, rock, country, etc.).


P3 - holding regular music events (festivals, competitions, concerts) in order to get acquainted with ethnic cultures and their development.


P4 - development of children's musical creativity:

a) subproject 1. "Musical Geography". Involves the creation of a series of children's musical films (travel around the world with active musical accompaniment);

b) independently (or with inclusion in point a)) creation of musical-cybernetic games with training in musical literacy, solfeggio and training of musical memory;

c) subproject 2. Creation of musical multimedia works aimed at children with disabilities.


P5 - Creation and installation in the countries of the world of interactive musical sculptures (IMZ), for example, in the form of a treble clef. With a symbol of the country's characteristic ethnic instrument.

The sculpture includes a screen and an information technology subsystem operating in two modes:

- on-line service of a wide audience of interested parties on the basis of a digital music library and a small radio network.

- on-line viewing and listening to thematic (by genres, compositions, authors, countries, etc.) multimedia programs.

Reproduction of IMZ with architectural and musical-thematic variations is supposed at a stage of the subsequent development of the project


P6 - In Ukraine, in accordance with the above principles, a pilot project is being developed on the basis of the Ukrainian music corps.


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